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pride in cincinnati

today i stopped at starbucks for a passion tea lemonade and cinnamon coffee cake. since it’s sunday, it was extremely busy and there were lots of families there. i can’t have children and even though i’ve dealt with that i still find myself gazing wistfully at little ones as they play and question and occasionally do obnoxious things.

one family in particular caught my eye. they had two children, maybe four or five years old. mom and dad were attentive and engaged. their kids looked happy, laughing and playing without running amok; being polite and well-behaved. the little girl was wearing a t-shirt and a pink ruffled skirt with black designs on it. and so was her brother.

i don’t know what happened before i was in the store but while i was there no one said a word to the family about what the little boy was wearing. no one told the parents that they were ruining their son by allowing him to dress in a skirt like his sister. no one told the parents or him that he was going to hell. i don’t even know if anyone but me noticed. and what i noticed was a well-adjusted little boy out for a morning with his family. he was happy and playing with his sister. he was comfortable with himself.

and he looked damned adorable in his outfit.

this is my friend hollie marching in the cincinnati pride parade on 06/29:Image


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