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the corgis in my life

our first corgi was alonso’s lady pembroke and we called her pembroke or pemmers. we rescued her from a pet land (do you remember those). she was born in march of 1996 and we saw her in petland in may. we had been visiting her for weeks, playing with her, asking questions about her health (she had parvo and a problem with her intestines), trying to convince them not to sell corgis (beating our heads against the wall). one day we walked in and someone else was playing with her! i was so upset i started to cry and the people who were with her told her that they had to go because her momma had come to get her. we took her home in june of 1996, took her to the vet and got her medical problems addressed, and she lived with us until she died in august of 2010.

she lived a long and happy life but she had a grade 4 heart murmur, a thyroid deficiency, and a degenerative disc disorder that effected her back and hips. on that day in august my husband took her outside in the morning (we had to carry her up and down the steps) and when he brought her in he placed her in the dining room so she could eat her breakfast. when i got up to go run my errands she was still in the dining room and hadn’t eaten her breakfast. this was unusual so i knelt down to pet her and said, “you silly dog, you haven’t eaten your breakfast yet aren’t you hungry?” i told her i loved her and would be right back then left the house. when i came home, she was in the exact same place and her breakfast was still in the bowl. that’s when i got scared. she NEVER missed a meal. i sat on the floor with her and asked her what was wrong. i picked her up and her entire back end fell over. i started crying and called our vet but his office was closed. i scooped her up in the towel from her bed and took her to the place that boarded her when we went out of town. the vet there examined her and said she was paralyzed from the bottom of the ribs down and needed to go right away to the hospital.

i was crying so hard i drove by the hospital twice before i got there. they took her immediately and did a complete exam. i called my husband and he left work to come and wait with me. they told us she was paralyzed and they gave us our options. they could do surgery but they didn’t know how bad the damage was or if her spinal cord was actually damaged. there was no guarantee that surgery would even help her but they could guarantee that she wasn’t in any pain. my husband and i made the hardest decision we had ever made as a couple and let her go. we held her as they gave her the injection and they let us keep her as long as we wanted. then they took her away. right now her ashes are on a shelf in the bookcase in our living room. the urn is a beautiful wooden box with a statue of a sable & white corgi sitting on top. beside it is a 4×6 picture of the last picture my husband ever took of her. behind that picture are her collar and other mementos of her life. i miss her every day.

i am currently owned by an almost five-year-old pembroke welsh corgi named lucy. we adopted her from howelling kennels corgi & cattle dog rescue in september of 2010. i wasn’t sure i was ready to adopt another corgi. i was full of sorrow and guilt and every other feeling that could possibly be attached to the loss of a pet that had been with you for almost 15 years. my husband really wanted another corgi in the house, though; so we looked at rescue organizations and made inquiries.

finally, on sunday, september 26, we drove up to howelling kennels and met some corgis and some mixes. they were all sweet and some were sad, then we met lucy. she was obviously scared to death but she flew out of her kennel and landed on our laps while we were sitting on the couch talking with the owners. she wiggled all over my husband then jumped over to me and that was it. i knew she had to come home with us. we went home alone that night so that we could get everything she’d need. the next night, angie and her husband came to do the home visit and they brought lucy with them. she was so scared but so brave and we had a good visit.

when it was time to go to bed we brought lucy in to the bedroom and closed the door but she sat in the corner and cried. she wanted the comfort of a kennel so we put her into it and latched the door. she was comforted and slept through the night. after a few weeks she started scratching at the kennel door and from then on we left the door open at night. all we had to do was tell her it was time to go night-night and she would run and jump in the kennel. a few weeks after that she would jump in the kennel for her night time cookie then jump up on the bed with us. now she starts off in the kennel, jumps up on the bed until she’s sure we’re in for the night, then gets back in her kennel for the rest of it.

lucy went to see our vet for the first time on september 28, 2010. he could only estimate her age and no one knew her birthdate so my husband and i gave her one: november 9, the day we closed on our first home together. her birth-year is 2008 based on his estimates. she is in good health, even though she could stand to lose a few pounds.

lucy was badly abused by her first owner. she was chained up by her paws and neck and she had healing ulcerations on one paw when we adopted her. she hates to be picked up because she was thrown. the next person who adopted her didn’t know how to handle her fear-aggression so s/he gave her up to rescue.

lucy is scared of a lot of things, she barks whenever anyone walks down the street or comes to the door, she has a lot of fear-aggression. she is also sweet and loving and funny. she was scared to death of the camera in my phone and ran or hide her face when i tried to take a picture. if i even answered the phone she hid. now she lets me take her picture so long as i don’t get up to do it. if my husband gets up (to get a drink, answer the phone, etc.) she stays where she is, if i get up she has to get up with me because i’m alpha and she wants to know what’s going on that would make me move. the first time she slept upside down on the couch with her paws in the air and her belly exposed i was thrilled and proud and sad and a whole swirl of emotions i couldn’t even name.

i miss pembroke, i miss her so much that i still cry sometimes. but i am so happy that i got a chance to meet and be owned by lucy. she is precious and adorable and slowly but surely she is learning that she is good enough, she is worthy, and she doesn’t have to be scared.


alonso’s lady pembroke
03/16/96 ~ 08/17/10
(art by @liisasy on twitter)


lucy the rescue corgi
born: 11/9/08
adopted: 09/27/10



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  1. I cried too. Damn it. I dread the day when it’s the time for my own kittehs to go, but it is still ahead, and I’ll enjoy every day I have with them. ❤

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