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the ABCs of the turtle

abc_blocksmy friend releasing lunacy did a blog post called ‘it’s me, by the numbers’ and i thought that was very clever. so as not to be a great big turtley copycat, i’m going to do my letters. so here are the ABCs of the turtle:

a = age: 43

b = books: love them, read them, keep buying them even though i have so many to read right now i’ll be finish about 2 years after i die.

c = chore i hate: dusting

d = dog’s name: lucy the rescue corgi

e = essential music: nina simone

f = favourite colour: purple

g = gold or silver: silver

h = health quirks: i have an anaphylactic reaction to latex, the kind where you stop breathing and swell up like a float in the macy’s parade. i also have a clotting disorder called antiphospholipid syndrome & lupus anticoagulant antibody positive. it all makes life very interesting.

i = instruments: played the violin decades and decades ago

j = job title: part-time customer service rep

k = kids: couldn’t have any but i think lucy the rescue corgi counts.

l = living arrangements: 1-1/2 story brick cape cod with my husband and lucy the rescue corgi.

m = movie you hate: open water, truly the most terrifying movie i have ever seen.

n = nicknames: just turtle or turtlesong (i know, you thought that was my real name.)

o = open-minded or closed: probably closed

p = pet peeve: poor customer service

r = right or left handed: right (i was left-handed until first grade, though.)

s = siblings: yes.

t = torchwood or doctor who: can’t i have both? i would really like to have both.

u = underwater or on top of the water: i’m afraid of the water, see letter ‘m’.

v = vegetable you dislike: brussels sprouts

w = workout style: the turtle is allergic to the word ‘workout’.

x = x-rays: yes, i’ve had some.

y = yesterday’s best moment: listening to an audiobook and looking over to see lucy the rescue corgi flopped over onto her back with all four paws in the air.

z = zirconia or diamond: neither, i prefer blue or green stones.


6 thoughts on “the ABCs of the turtle

  1. Oh yayee!! That’s awesome!! I hates Brussels sprouts too (but you probably already know that). Love your answer for “w.” *wonders if that should go under “h” as well?!* #allergy

    🙂 rl

  2. Sorry, it’s not funny to have any health quirks, but “the kind where you stop breathing and swell up like a float in the macy’s parade” made me snort. You write really well.

  3. Love this! And a couple of comments …
    1. ” favourite colour” … is this spelling from all your years serving in the RAF?!
    2. Lucy definitely counts… and a dog that lies on it’s back with it’s feet in the air is displaying a feeling of trust and safety. Nicely done.
    3. You’re very opened minded, so I’m not sure where that one comes from. Take a look at the diversity of your friendships. I said take a look !!! So stubborn.
    4. Not gonna comment on “Open Water” but the second one sucked.
    5. Really enjoying your blog.

    1. my spelling is my own but at least my grammar is correct. 🙂
      even thinking about ‘open water’ makes my skin crawl, that’s how much i hate that movie.
      thanks for saying that about the blog.

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