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so much to say…

i’ve been trying to write an entry for a couple of weeks now. somehow it keeps ending up bogged down in facts and figures and statistics and links and that’s not what i want to say. well, that’s partially not what i want to say. there’s so much to talk about, with everything in the news in the past few months about domestic violence, sexual abuse, and child abuse. and for victims and survivors times like this become overwhelming and it’s hard not to get sucked into the 24 hour news cycle. then suddenly we find ourselves irritable, cranky, overwhelmed, depressed, having nightmares, jumping through the ceiling at the slightest noise outside. or maybe that’s just me?

we don’t need facts and figures. we don’t need to have yet another person ask us why it matters, it didn’t happen to us. what we need is to take care of ourselves. light a candle that has a soothing scent. read a funny book. watch a funny movie or tv show. call rainn when it gets to be completely overwhelming and there just isn’t an explanation for why.

being a victim wasn’t our choice. it’s what happened to us.

being a survivor is our choice. it’s how we deal with what happened to us.

fuck them. they don’t deserve any more power or any more space in our heads.

if you’re overwhelmed call rainn at 800-656-hope or click here to chat online