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a turtle’s eye view – six years by harlan coben

this review was originally published on goodreads on 04/07/13.

Jake Fisher is still not over Natalie. She left him at the beginning of what he thought was the relationship of his life and married a man from her past, asking Jake to let her go. It’s been six years and Jake is taken by surprise when he sees Natalie’s husband’s obituary. He attends the funeral only to find that her husband isn’t her husband and he has a life that doesn’t seem to have ever included Natalie. Now Jake feels that the promise he made, the promise to leave Natalie alone with her life, has been kept and he is free to pursue her. There are others who may be pursuing her as well, though, and they are willing to go through Jake to get to her.

I’m usually a big fan of Harlan Coben’s work. He is a masterful writer, one who is adept at setting up the situation and taking readers further and further into the mystery. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case with Six Years. Jake Fisher was a completely unsympathetic character almost from the beginning. Everything he did was about him and only him, with no thought as to what his actions might mean for someone else. He came across as self-centered, arrogant, egotistical, and almost narcissistic in his pursuit of “the love of his life”. This isn’t a man who’s in love, this is a man obsessed. A man who is stalking someone who has asked him to leave her alone. A man who ignores the advice of even his best friend so that he can pursue a woman who made it clear that she wanted nothing more to do with him (regardless of the reason). Throughout the story Jake indicates that he knows that he should give up but he just can’t. This isn’t a hero moving heaven and earth to find the love he lost. This is a man in need of psychiatric intervention before he gets someone killed.