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a turtle’s eye view – horn pattern by gretta hines

disclosure – i received an e-galley of this novel from the independent book publishers association in exchange for an honest review.

one of the best things about reading horn pattern by gretta hines is that you are never quite sure of your footing. even something as simple as constantly referring to characters by a different name (sometimes by first name, sometimes only by last name, sometimes both first and last name) adds to this eerie sense of dislocation that rushes the reader through the story with an agonizing sense of expectation.

what if what we read, or watch, or listen to could begin to effect, in a very tangible and identifiable way, our reality? what if the glimpse of the dark figure ghosting along behind us isn’t just a shadow but a SHADOW? what if the edges are blurring and it’s all because of what we’re doing in our everyday lives?

horn pattern opens up these questions and so many, many more. it’s written at a taut pace, with believable if not likeable characters, and a constant level of “what is happening here”. the only downside to the novel is the abrupt ending. i was left wondering if perhaps another chapter or two weren’t left out of my copy because all of a sudden it was over. i’m not a big fan of sudden “cliff-hanger” type endings with no attempt at resolution. perhaps we’ll see more of these characters in the future?

overall rating: four out of five stars