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a turtle’s eye view – noah’s rainy day by sandra brannan

disclosure ā€“ i received an e-galley of this novel from the greenleaf book group in exchange for an honest review.

noah hogarty was born with cerebral palsy and he can’t speak or walk. he is prone to seizures, both grand and petite mal, and he is almost completely blind. he communicates with smiles, laughter, and the help of the “five finger” game he developed with his sister. and noah wants to be a spy just like his aunt liv bergen who is an fbi agent.

right now, noah is worried about the little girl who has suddenly appeared at his creepy next door neighbor’s house. and his aunt liv is worried about the five-year-old little boy who disappeared during a brief lay-over at the denver international airport while in the care of an airline escort.

in ‘noah’s rainy day‘, sandra brannan provides a captivating ticking-clock mystery. noah’s delight, happiness, frustration, and fear are palpable and the need to keep reading to find out what’s going to happen next is very real. the plot is well written and noah is likeable and interesting. that brannan was willing to write a novel in which her series character (liv bergen) is almost completely secondary is brave and brannan doesn’t just carry it off, she carries it off with panache.

a notable point about brannan’s writing in this novel is that she doesn’t use the “child in jeopardy” story as a simple plot point. she doesn’t place children in danger, with or without graphic detail, for the sake of the book as so many authors are wont to do lately. the children in this book are the book and their experiences make the book what it is. they are brave and curious and resilient and hopeful and heroic. even though you know it’s just a story and you know it would never happen like that in real life, you wish that it would.

how have i not heard of sandra brannan before this novel? ‘noah’s rainy day’ is the fourth in the liv bergen mystery series and i hope that it won’t be the last. of course, now i have to backtrack and read the first three but that’s a sacrifice i’m willing to make.

overall rating: four out of five stars