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a turtle’s eye view – ruin value by j. sydney jones

disclaimer – i received an e-galley of this novel from mysterious press in exchange for an honest review.

in the aftermath of world war ii, there is a serial killer loose on what remains of the streets of nuremberg. an american, former new york city homicide detective nathan morgan, who spent the war working for army intelligence is tasked with finding and stopping the killer.

i really wanted to like ruin value; i was excited by the premise and very excited to be selected to review it. i thought it was a fantastic concept, blending a murder mystery with post world war ii sensibilities and prejudices. i was looking forward to where the characters would go as they developed and how an almost impossible to avoid conflict between those in nuremberg who were disappointed in the war’s outcome and those who were pleased would play out over the course of the novel.

unfortunately, i was disappointed. i never felt a connection with any of the characters and found myself drifting in and out of the story without ever really feeling a sense of excitement or peril or urgency. the writing was good, i just never connected with anyone enough to care what happened to them; and without that sense of connection i gave up caring about the story as a whole.

i am going to place this book on my ‘abandoned’ shelf but keep a little flag for it in my mind. perhaps, if i return to the book later, i’ll be able to find that small something that trips the switch for readers and makes a story impossible to leave until you find out how it ends.