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a turtle’s eye view – limbus, inc., anne c. petty, editor

disclaimer – i received a copy of this e-book from journalstone publishing in exchange for an honest review.

“we employ” reads the limbus, inc. business card. “how lucky do you feel?” reads the limbus, inc. business card. but sometimes, sometimes the business card seems to say something different. limbus, inc. finds just the right person for just the right job. every time. and who doesn’t want to find just the right job in an age where jobs are hard to come by, and satisfying jobs even harder still. but don’t forget to read that fine print, it makes one hell of a difference.

limbus, inc. is, without question, one of the most fascinating books i’ve read this year. five stories, by five authors, all about the same employment agency but with different textures and very different souls. tying them all together is the story of a bookstore owner given a book by a terrified man; a book with a story that the world must know. as we read each story, we learn a little more about what it means to limbus, inc. to be an employment agency and what it takes to become one of the select employees. unfortunately, we don’t spend a lot of time with the bookstore owner and his story is closed rather abruptly.

the stories in limbus, inc. were written by jonathan maberry, joseph nassise, benjamin kane etheridge, anne c. petty (who also edited the book), and brett j. talley. my favourite in the book is ‘strip search’ by jonathan maberry. written in noir style, the protagonist drags you with him through an experience he doesn’t want to have but chooses anyway, because some things just can’t be tolerated.

i hope the ‘book one’ notation on the title page is true because i would love to revisit the world of limbus, inc. and find out who else has been employed. and for what kind of job.

five out of five stars