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a turtle’s eye view – one great year by tamara veitch & rene defazio

disclosure – i was given an e-galley of this book by greenleaf book group in exchange for an honest review.

in one great year, marcus is an emissary, reincarnated life after life to help humanity along in the struggle against evil. along the way, he’s searching for his soulmate, theron, from whom he has been separated, and trying desperately to avoid his enemy, helghul.

it’s hard to classify one great year; it doesn’t fit neatly into any one category of writing. tamara veitch and rene defazio put a great deal of effort into the background research and the writing is first rate. there are some truly horrific scenes of violence and surrounding everything is the overarching story of marcus’ struggle because he can, through a potion he consumed, remember everything from one life to another.

the major difficulty i had with one great year was marcus. i recognized his struggle, his desire to reconnect with theron, his fear of helghul, but i couldn’t help but think of him as a spoiled man who ends up unhappy with his own choices. despite this dislike, one great year is fantastic on a philosophical level. it would make an excellent novel for a freshman or sophomore philosophy class, exploring free will, good versus evil and the distinctions between the actual and perceived characteristics of the two, and the responsibilities we have versus the responsibilities we choose to have.

three out of five stars