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a turtle’s eye view – the darkness of shadows by chris little

disclaimer – i received an e-galley of this book through netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

the darkness of shadows by chris little tries very hard to be a solid urban fantasy/supernatural thriller but, sadly, ends up being a pastiche of occult, paranormal, and witchcraft stories.

the character of natalie felt one-dimensional and forced and i never felt a sense of compassion for what she went through as a child. additionally, i had a hard time with the repeated slipping from present day action to memories of her past with no notice that the focus of the story was changing. where there should have been a buildup of suspense and a growing sense of danger, i felt only a desire to finish the story. natalie’s father came across as a stereotypical villian and was more annoying than scary. the guerrero family, who took natalie in when her mother died and her father abandoned her, sparked no interest from me at all. i felt they were there to provide some background for natalie’s story and to provide the ever-popular best friend.

in the end, the darkness of shadows left me feeling that it was yet another story using child abuse and torture as a gimmick to tie some vague themes together.

one out of five stars