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a turtle’s eye view – the demon’s wife by rick hautala

disclaimer – i won an e-galley of this novel in a giveaway hosted by journalstone publishing.

what is it about supernatural creatures that makes it so easy for humans to fall in love with them? just think about it for a minute, don’t your favourite urban fantasy, fantasy, and sff series all have hints of romance in them. but what happens when a supernatural creature falls in love? is it real or just a ply?

the demon’s wife is a delightful romp through just that question. what happens when samael meets claire at a bar and pursues her (for her soul, for her hair, who actually knows?) and then falls in love? it’s obvious that rick hautala had a great deal of fun writing this love story and imagining what would happen when a demon dares to cross the line and try to change.

this is a fast and playful read; i loved the basic concept for the novel and i loved the psychological interplay between claire and samael. in the end, the question of how far we are willing to go for the one we love gets answered, but maybe not in the way we expect.

four out of five stars