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a turtle’s eye view – perfect by rachel joyce

disclaimer – i received an e-galley of this book from random house in exchange for an honest review.

in 1972, to balance the rotation of the earth with clock time, two seconds were added to time. two seconds. byron hemming didn’t know when it was going to happen but he knew that it was going to happen because james lowe, his best friend and the smartest boy in school, told him it was going to happen.

then one day, while driving her children to school, byron’s mother makes a mistake. are the two seconds to blame? can they be taken back? can it be taken back? can byron’s perfect life be restored?

perfect follows two timelines. the 1972 story of the addition of the two seconds and the mistake and the 2012 story of the “final” aftermath of it. rachel joyce blends these two timelines seamlessly and with a breathtaking urgency that propels the reader forward.

but perfect is about more than time. ms. joyce also presents the question of what truth is .

“People knew things only because they had been told they were true…it didn’t seem a very good basis for believing.”

but what if we didn’t believe? would we be able to change those truths? and if we can change our personal truths, can truth and time be reconciled?

five out of five stars