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a turtle’s eye view – game by anders de la motte

disclaimer – i was provided an e-galley of this book by atria publishing in exchange for an honest review.

make no mistake. henrik “hp” petterson is, for the most part, a narcissistic, ego-driven slacker. he has no job, and no desire to get one, and a love of partying and weed. after one wild night of partying, while heading home on the train, he sees a fellow passenger forget a cell phone and picks it up; he can crack it and keep it or he can sell it for drug money, either way – score!

then the phone invites hp, by name, into a game. suddenly, all of hp’s dreams are coming true – money and adoration are his. but what happens when the game suddenly breaks into real life and isn’t a game any more? will hp keep playing?

set in sweden, game may throw off some readers. some of the proper nouns are tongue-tanglers, some of the dialect is difficult to understand, and sentences are, at times, truncated. this may be more the result of imperfect translation, however, and it is definitely worth sticking with because the reader’s eye will glide over these imperfections as the story heats up and the pace quickens.

anders de la motte has written a great thriller that follows multiple stories without losing track of any of them. although hp is not a very sympathetic character, and i wonder if anyone could really be that dim, readers won’t be able to help but wonder what he’ll do next in his quest. in addition, the storyline with swedish security police officer rebecca normen gives the novel a nice bit of grounding in what could otherwise turn into a complete flight of fantasy.

overall, game is a good beginning to de la motte’s trilogy and i’m looking forward to the next two books.

four out of five stars