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a turtle’s eye view – buzz by anders de la motte

disclaimer – i was provided an e-galley of this book by atria publishing in exchange for an honest review.

it’s been four months since henrik “hp” petterson fled the country with the money he stole from the game master. terrified of being discovered, he’s roamed from place to place; now, in typical hp style, he’s paranoid, bored, can’t sleep, and misses the excitement of the game. this is how we meet up with hp in buzz, book two of anders de la motte‘s trilogy.

once again weaving hp’s world into that of rebecca normen, we watch as both are pulled into the realm of argoseye, a (maybe) shady internet company responsible for shaping public perception through their operative’s online presences. but we are still left asking the question: has hp been drawn into the game again, this time without even knowing it?

for anyone who has any degree of an online existence, there will be a nagging question at the back of their mind: how much of this could actually happen in “real life”? can we even talk about a “real life” when we’re talking about the online world? book two of the de la motte trilogy does not disappoint. although there are some linguistic difficulties, mostly the result of an imperfect translation i suspect, the prose is tight and the mystery keeps the reader engaged until the end of the story.

four out of five stars