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a turtle’s eye view – phoenix island by john dixon

disclaimer – i was provided an e-galley of this book by gallery books in exchange for an honest review.

unfortunately, this just wasn’t my kind of book. i have a long standing policy of not reading books that depict the abuse (physical, sexual, or mental) of children. i should have been more discerning when i picked this book because there are some graphic scenes of abuse of the children by the “drill sergeants”. i got about a quarter of the way through the book and just couldn’t read any more of it.

that said, i’m sure that a lot of people will be completely enthralled by phoenix island. john dixon’s writing is sharp and the main character, carl freeman, is likeable and i immediately developed a great deal of empathy for him. if the descriptions of the abuse on the island weren’t included i’m sure that i would have finished this book.

i placed this on my abandoned shelf on goodreads and didn’t rate it to avoid my book reading policy impacting the book’s standing.