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a turtle’s eye view – bubble by anders de la motte

disclaimer – i was provided an e-galley of this book by the atria publishing group in exchange for an honest review.

i’m so happy that my first review for 2014 is for bubble, the final book in the trilogy (featuring game and buzz) by anders de la motte. i was lucky enough to read all three books within a short time of each other so i never had to settle down and wait to find out what was going to happen next. it has been very difficult to write reviews of de la motte’s work without giving anything away; honestly, to do so with this series would be a crime.

my one prior criticism was the disjointed feeling i got from the language, a result, i suspected, of an imprecise translation. i was pleased that i did not find the same linguistic problems that were present in the first two books.

bubble is, without question, the best of a fantastic trilogy. the paranoia practically drips from the pages and the tension doesn’t dissipate until the very end. few authors can play the “who should i trust” card as well as de la motte did and, despite a few plot holes, i enjoyed this read enormously. if you’re into tech thrillers, this is definitely a trilogy to read.

four out of five stars