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a turtle’s eye view – have wormhole, will travel by tony mcfadden

disclaimer – this title was self-published by the author and i received an e-galley of it through netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

callum and jacob have been here a long time. and by here i mean earth. and by long time i mean hundreds of years. sabrina is convinced that they’re vampires and is thrilled by the idea, so thrilled that she brings mandy, her best friend and vice-president of the vampire lovers association, in on the secret.

sam is a physics professor who is dating jackie, a fitness instructor. sam is on the verge of a world-changing discovery in physics: he’s just about figured out the science of wormholes. this discovery will revolutionize travel and energy consumption and, basically, life as the earth currently knows it.

here’s the problem – callum and jacob were assigned to this planet specifically to prevent this type of jump in scientific knowledge. now callum is desperate to derail sam’s  discovery because the elders on callum’s home planet have their collective fingers on the button and the target is earth.

have wormhole, will travel was a fast and fun read and the science (and pseudo-science) was presented in a way that even a layperson could understand it. tony mcfadden presented the story and its moral without being heavy-handed or preachy. i enjoyed the characterizations for what they were and found the budding romance angle interesting. the writing was good and the story flowed; in short, this was an enjoyable read for a snowy winter day.

three out of five stars