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a turtle’s eye view – after i’m gone by laura lippman

disclaimer – i won an advanced reader’s copy of this novel through goodreads’ first reads program.

in 1976, felix brewer disappeared leaving behind a wife, three daughters, a mistress, and a conviction and prison sentence. ten years later, almost to the day, brewer’s mistress disappeared only to be subsequently found dead. now a retired detective who consults on closed cases is reopening the mistress’ murder case and no one will walk away from the case unscathed.

after i’m gone by laura lippman is a fast read with a decent story but i never really got to the point that i cared who actually committed the crime. the story shifts back and forth between the current investigation and the lives of the women that felix brewer left behind, beginning with his meeting bambi (his wife). i never really felt a vested interested in any of the characters, instead just drifting through the story trying to keep track of the years and who was who. i never was able to keep the two oldest daughters separate and found myself flipping back and forth to make the years line up in my head.

two out of five stars