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a turtle’s eye view – the new black edited by richard thomas

disclaimer – i received an e-galley of this book from editor richard thomas in exchange for an honest review.

i’m a complete anthology addict and the new black has only contributed to my addiction. this collection of twenty stories is described as “neo-noir” and, while i honestly don’t know what that genre classification means, i can tell you that these are fantastic stories. the best thing about this particular collection is its introduction of authors i had never read before but definitely plan to read again. there’s a lot going on in these twenty selections and each one has a distinct edge and a very clear voice. my two favourites, dollhouse by craig wallwork and windeye by brian evenson, left me staring into space and wondering not only what i had just read but thinking that i had to read it again.

i can only image what goes into taking a piece of yourself and putting it on paper in the hope that someone will read it and enjoy it. or what goes into being an editor and making sure that the stories you select complement each other, standing together as a whole as well as living separately as they deserve to. i guarantee you that this book takes both processes one step further and creates something that you’ll read and enjoy and want to read again, even if it’s just to make sure that they didn’t change while you weren’t looking at them.

four out of five stars