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a turtle’s eye view – suffer the children by craig dilouie

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book from permuted press in exchange for an honest review.

when herod’s syndrome arrives it kills the world’s children. three days later, as the world is trying to come to terms with its loss, the children return from the dead. is it a miracle or the beginning of yet another devastating cataclysm? that’s a question each parent will need to answer because the children aren’t hungry any more, they’re thirsty. for blood. but the blood isn’t just quenching a thirst, it’s taking away the inanimate, life-sized doppelgangers that herod’s returned; it’s bringing the children some form of life. so, given that the human body has only ten pints of blood, how far do you go to keep your child alive?

suffer the children was a nice quick twist on the traditional zombie tale. upping the stakes by taking the parent-child dynamic and turning it into an us-versus-them dynamic added an interesting dimension to what could otherwise have been a derivative telling of a story in a genre that seems to be getting a lot of attention right now.

craig dilouie presented some very honest portraits of regular parents, regular families, being swept up in a completely irregular and terrifying situation. how far do you go, as a parent, to keep your child safe? what is safe? when is it time to let go? these are questions that are difficult enough to answer in a normal situation, if medical or other cataclysms can be deemed normal, but how do you answer those questions when someone else’s life is what your child needs to continue to survive. and what does it mean to have your child survive? can you ask someone else to make the ultimate sacrifice so that your child can live?

three out of five stars