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a turtle’s eye view – after the ending by lindsey fairleigh and lindsey pogue

disclaimer – i requested this ebook from the authors after being selected to review the second novel in the series.

a virus swept the world and billions died of what appeared to be the flu. some of the survivors went crazy. some of the survivors changed. dani and zoe are best friends separated by thousands of miles when the virus hits and they have to try to find each other. each begins a journey to get to the other, dealing with the aftermath of the virus and the threats that come with it.

after the ending is your basic apocalypse novel with a twist. some of the survivors developed interesting new abilities and must learn how to use and control them. some of the novel takes the form of emails between dani and zoe and i’m usually fond of the “see it through the narrator’s eyes” format. here, though, i couldn’t tell dani and zoe apart. i had to keep turning back to remember whose chapter i was reading. i didn’t really empathize with either of them so i never really felt vested in their journey or their struggles.

on a really pedantic side note, i can’t help but wonder how they have internet when the world has ended. they don’t have electricity but they have internet? also, i want to know where they bought the batteries for their electronic devices because my laptop won’t go more than a few hours without being charged and neither of them have charged theirs since the world ended.

i have to hope that the second novel goes in a very different direction. so far i’ve got two very unreliable narrators, a lot of bullying, unexplainable magic wifi, unexplainable magic electricity, and a lot of relationships that don’t make any sense to me at all. but then, i’m not a teenaged girl trying to survive after the flu apocalypse, maybe if i were it would all make perfect sense to me.

two out of five stars