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a turtle’s eye view – the fixer by t.e. woods

disclaimer – i received an e-galley of this novel from alibi publishing in exchange for an honest review.

she: she’ll fix your problem, but she has rules. one job per country per year. you meet on her terms or not at all. and the target has to deserve it. not just “stole your parking spot” deserve it, she means DESERVE it. and if the answer is no she’s gone, but you just might hear from the cops. he: he’s a detective, called out on what looks like a natural death. then he gets a call from his son, a journalist looking at what was a natural death until it wasn’t.

i liked the basic premise of the fixer. the idea of a woman acting to clean up problems that society and the justice system can’t appeals to me somehow. and i liked the idea that the entire scope of the novel wasn’t just about her running around and righting all the wrongs that she could while still playing within her own twisted rulebook. t.e. woods took what could have been just a nice piece of thriller fluff and put complex emotional relationships into it and then threw in some great twists and turns that i did not see coming. i’m pleased that this was marked as the first in a series and will definitely be looking for future books.

three out of five stars