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a turtle’s eye view – dog gone, back soon by nick trout

disclaimer – i was provided an e-galley of this novel by allen & unwin in exchange for an honest review.

after his father died, cyrus mills returned to his home town to keep the animal hospital his father was devoted to open. now he’s in a battle with the chain animal hospital in the next town, the woman he’s interested in dating has a mysterious man from her past show up in town, and he’s somehow become the guardian for a uniquely talented but abandoned dog.

i didn’t realize that dog gone, back soon was the sequel to the patron saint of lost dogs when i was selected to read it but i’m not sure that it made much difference. there was enough explanation of the background that i was able to catch up and feel like i knew who all the key players were. that said, i really didn’t like cyrus mills. i didn’t know why he lost his license and didn’t really care. he spent a lot of time reminding himself (and therefore the reader) that he was a pathologist and just didn’t have the background to be the type of vet his partner was…you know, caring, concerned, personable, basically human and decent.

the writing was good and i really liked the animals, i just didn’t care for the main character. it’s hard to decide exactly why i didn’t like him because nick trout wrote him well and surrounded him with an interesting story and interesting supporting characters. all that being said, cyrus mills is just not a likeable person. but, dog gone, back soon is still a good story and worth the time for a fast read.

three out of five stars



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