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a turtle’s eye view – jack strong by walter mosley

disclaimer – i received an e-galley of this novella from open road media in exchange for an honest review.

i have a confession to make. are you ready? here we go: i had never read anything by walter mosley before this novella. i know, what is wrong with me? the simple truth is that i didn’t know anything about his work, and no one ever came to me and said, “OH MY GOD you just have to read this!” i’ve glanced at his books on audible but was just never interested enough to grab one. wow, was i missing out.

jack strong was a great way to be introduced to mosley’s writing. the character hears voices but also has knowledge from dozens of different lives so maybe those voices are real people. how did he get those people inside of him and just who is he anyway? how can he do the things he does and who are the people following him?

it would be great if there were more written about jack strong’s character (or any of his inner characters for that matter). there’s so much more i want to know about him. mosley wrote a compelling science fiction piece that drew me in and kept me asking questions even after i was finished with the story. to me, that’s what an author is supposed to do and i’m sorry that it took me so long to find him.

three out of five stars