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a turtle’s eye view – henry’s re-entry by welcome cole

disclaimer – i received an e-galley of this novel from caelstone press in exchange for an honest review.

i wanted to love henry’s re-entry. it sounded like an interesting story, the protagonist waking up in a strange place and then embarking on a voyage both metaphorical and real. along the way he’s learning about who he is versus who he thinks he is, reconciling how he’s lived his life with why he’s lived it that way, and trying to forgive himself. there’s snark, i love snark. there’s cynicism, i love cynicism. there’s the hero’s journey to redemption. but. oh. my. god. by about a third of the way through the book i wanted it to be over, i just wanted to take henry by the shoulders and shake him until his head rattled. don’t get me wrong, welcome cole is a great writer. he uses language beautifully and constructs paragraphs that are works of art. i’m definitely adding him to my “authors to watch” list. maybe it actually wasn’t the book as much as it was henry i didn’t like, and it’s hard to feel something for a story when you truly dislike the main character.

two out of five stars