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a turtle’s eye view – the here and now by ann brashares

disclaimer – i received an e-galley of this novel from delacorte press in exchange for an honest review.

even though i don’t generally read young adult titles, i added the here and now to my list because i thought the time travel premise was interesting and i was curious about the idea of a high school student living her life based only on rules of never. throughout the story there’s plenty of explanation for why prenna james and the others traveled back in time and why they have the rules they do. there’s decent character development for the two main characters but i would have liked to see more background about prenna’s mother and the hobo that ethan jarves (the boy prenna falls in love with) is friends with.

i’d never read anything by ann brashares before and this wasn’t a bad introduction to her. i finished the story in one sitting and enjoyed it. i felt empathy for prenna and ethan and i was able to suspend my disbelief enough to get involved with the plot even though i questioned the idea that the science of the future would be able to develop something as sophisticated as time travel but not something to deal with the plague brought about by mosquitoes.

three out of five stars