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a turtle’s eye view – the end of summer by j. tonzelli

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via the goodreads first reads program in exchange for an honest review.

i’m a big fan of scary. books, movies, short stories, tv shows, i enjoy them all because i know they could never happen. let’s face it, the chances of me encountering a ghost are slim at best. and i’m (almost) positive that there will never be a zombie apocalypse. that’s not to say that i enjoy what seems to pass for horror these days – blood-fests, torture-porn, violence-gasms, those aren’t scary and they don’t count as horror. they’re just an excuse, in whatever form they take, to shock and disgust. real horror is visceral without being trashy or flashy. real horror is felt in the slight quickening of the pulse, the faint shiver on the back of the neck, the slowly increasing sense of unease.

all of that is just my way of telling you why i enjoyed the end of summer: thirteen tales of halloween as much as i did. you can tell from reading the prologue that j. tonzelli not only loves halloween, he gets it and he gets the point of telling a scary story. this book is, at its core, a love letter to halloween and it works. it’s got funny halloween, sad halloween, pensive halloween, redeeming halloween, and terrifying halloween, and tonzelli didn’t spill a single unnecessary drop of blood at any point.

four out of five stars