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a turtle’ eye view – agents of the internet apocalypse by wayne gladstone

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via thomas dunne books in exchange for an honest review.

the internet is gone and gladstone, the internet messiah, hasn’t brought it back yet. the world is falling apart (well, okay, it’s falling even more apart than before the internet disappeared but it’s not gladstone’s fault because the world kind of sucked before he became the messiah so cut him so freaking slack, okay? sorry. what was i saying? oh yeah…)

searching for the internet has landed gladstone in a psychiatric hospital, the government has enacted the net recovery act which gives them scary powers over “persons of interest” in the net’s disappearance, the economy is tanking, and gladstone’s ex-wife is moving to california.

agents of the internet apocalypse is the second installment in wayne gladstone‘s internet apocalypse series and i was not disappointed. the satire and humour are still there but there’s more. more character, more soul, more questions about who we really are and what we’re really doing with our lives and our friendships. i was expecting all of this but i wasn’t expecting to care even more about gladstone and worry about his sanity. and i certainly wasn’t expecting to stay up all night in order to finish it.

five out of five stars