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a turtle’s eye view – liesmith: book 1 of the wyrd by alis franklin

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via hydra in exchange for an honest review.

sigmund sussman works as a tech support drone for a company that’s hugely popular in the tech world. he’s happy telling people when to restart their computers and makes more than enough to support his comic addiction. he enjoys his life, his friends, and his weekly gaming meetups. lain is the tech support department’s newest superstar. he’s cool, sophisticated, full of stories, and has started flirting with sigmund which is odd because sigmund is none of those things. oh, one more thing? lain is a norse god and an ancient force called ‘the wyrd’ is slowly revealing the connections between them…just in time for the end of the world.

i really liked liesmith and am happy that it’s book one of a series. i found the writing enjoyable and liked the norse mythology, even though i found following the lives of the characters a little confusing and had to go back several times to keep track. i liked the inclusion of sigmund’s gamer friends and though i would have liked a to see a little more development of their characters, i understand their place in the novel was more peripheral than central. i enjoyed the idea of the another world bleeding into ours because of the wyrd and thought the resolution of that danger was cleverly handled.

one of the best parts of the story was alis franklin‘s development of the relationship between sigmund and lain. it read as genuine from the very beginning and developed just enough at each point through the novel that it was easy to understand their attraction to each other without just throwing up your hands and saying, “oh, it’s fate.” that would be an easy throwaway and, honestly, would cheapen what they have. i hope to see their relationship moving forward in the future wyrd novels.

four out of five stars