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a turtle’s eye view – fixed in blood by t.e. woods

disclaimer ā€“ i received a copy of this book via alibi in exchange for an honest review.

confession time: fixed in blood is the fourth book in an ongoing series and i’ve only read the first. i have a bad habit of coming into series in the middle like that but author t.e. woods made it easy for me because there was just enough back-story to give me a sense of what i missed in books two and three. i will admit that i like mort grant and under other circumstances i would probably be buying the other two books in the series right now. the writing was excellent and the characters were compelling. the inter-play between all of the characters was sharp and i went a completely different way with the mystery than the author did. i love when authors do that to me – when the mystery goes a different direction, when my thinking is just so completely wrong. i adore those stories.

here’s my problem with this book. it is incredibly, horribly, devastatingly graphic in its depiction of the deaths of the victims, one of whom is a 14 year-old girl. in particular, the description of one of the snuff films is brutal to read and literally made me sick to my stomach. i knew from the start that the story involved a snuff film, but i never thought it would be described in such detail. i don’t understand the need to do that. graphic descriptions of violence against women are not entertaining and using it to heighten suspension or tension simply trivializes an issue that gets too little attention as it is.

two out of five stars