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a turtle’s eye view – lightless by c.a. higgins

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via del rey spectra in exchange for an honest review.

i was so excited about lightless by c.a. higgins. a crew of three on a huge, experimental, military spaceship traveling to pluto. the ship gets boarded by two thieves who may not be thieves at all. the ship’s computer gets compromised somehow (was it one of the thieves?). an operative of the agency that runs the solar system boards the ship to question the captured thieves. don’t even ask, just take my money and give me the book. i so wanted to like this book. i so wanted to care about these characters. i so wanted to.

i didn’t feel anything for the characters in this book. i didn’t hate them, i didn’t love them. worst of all, i felt no empathy for any of them. more than once, i found myself reading through the book and discovering that i had just read pages and pages but had no memory of what had transpired on them. the writing was good i guess, it just didn’t hold my attention because there was no connection between me and the characters. i got bored about a quarter of the way through the book and only kept reading it because i promised a review. in my opinion, that’s a bad reason to keep reading a book. and i’m disappointed because i was so excited about this one and i feel more than a little let down.

two out of five stars