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a turtle’s eye view – the good neighbor by a.j. banner

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via lake union publishing in exchange for an honest review.

if you think about it, falling in love is one of the most terrifying things we do. we open our lives, our histories, our souls to another person and expect that they will do the same for us. we believe that they will be honest with us and worthy of everything we have to give them. we trust that when they say “i love you” they mean it and when they say “’til death do us part” it means to them what it means to us.

in a.j. banner‘s novel, a tragic event in her neighborhood spills over into sarah mcdonald’s life and she begins to question everything about her marriage as a result. even as she tries to rebuild with her husband, the fears pile up, the clues seem to have been there all along, if only she had noticed, and no one is who she thought they were.

the good neighbor is a decent story with an interesting plot. though there were times when it felt like banner was trying to cram a few too many people into the mystery in order to keep the reader guessing about who the real threat was, the story was solid and entertaining. even though i never felt the need to set everything aside so that i could devour it, this was a good book to read a few chapters of every day or so.

three out of five stars