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a turtle’s eye view – the sleeper by j. robert janes

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via open road integrated media in exchange for an honest review.

sometimes in a relationship one person will say “it’s not you, it’s me” to their partner. that’s what i feel like saying to the sleeper by j. robert janes.

i’m not a fan of historical fiction in general but i devour it when it’s about world war ii and/or nazis or really anything in that general vicinity. the sleeper fell right into that category and the general description made it sound like it was something i would really enjoy. unfortunately i didn’t.

the chapters were rambling, the characters were two-dimensional, the plot was weak, and it just kept going for days and days. i seemed to have a pavlovian response to the novel – every time i started reading i’d get about ten or so pages in and fall asleep, even if i started reading soon after getting up for the day. it had promise, it just wasn’t well executed.

one out of five stars