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a turtle’s eye view – try not to breathe by holly seddon

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via ballantine books in exchange for an honest review.

alex is a journalist. well, she was a journalist before her alcoholism cost her everything. amy was a happy 15-year-old student with a loving mom and step-father, a boyfriend, and a secret. now alex is trying to find some meaning in her life and amy is in a coma – persistent vegetative state is the official name for it – and alex is going to find out what happened to put amy there. regardless of the consequences.

normally when i start reading novels like try not to breathe i play a game with myself. i say, “okay, self, this is how it’s going to end.” and i wait and see if i’m right. it’s arrogant, i know, but these types of novels are just so predictable. so here’s the part where i congratulate holly seddon because not only was try not to breathe NOT predictable, it was surprisingly touching.

seddon writes well and avoids clichéd traps that lesser writers would fall into given the subject matter. i not only cared about alex and amy but found my heart beating a little faster as i got closer and closer to the end and wondered if a happy ending, any kind of happy ending, could possibly come out of such a jumble of secrets and lies and pain. in addition, i got caught up in the stories of the other characters and actually found myself yelling at one of them out of sheer frustration (this did not please my sleeping corgi).

i could just keep going with this but i’m trying to avoid spoilers. let me just wrap it up by telling you that you won’t be disappointed by either the characters or the writing here and it’s well worth adding try not to breathe to your to be read shelf.

four out of five stars