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a turtle’s eye view – bait by elena hearty

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via samhain publishing, ltd. in exchange for an honest review.

paul’s a vampire and lenore is his…well, she’s supposed to be the one who fetches his meals. lenore can’t bring herself to do it, though, and when the two run into sam that failing becomes crystal clear. and more dangerous for lenore and ultimately for sam.

i never really clicked with bait. i spent the majority of the book wondering if i had missed something. if i had gotten the full text. i even went back and checked page numbers several times. when i wasn’t wondering that, i was wishing that paul would just eat lenore already because i was so tired of her whining and crying. i never connected with any of the characters, actually, and finished the book out of obligation not a need to see how it was all going to come out.

there was a lot of talk in bait but no real action. vampires are best when they’re evil and bitey. there are times when a vampire can be funny and snarky and still be captivatingly evil but, unfortunately, elena hearty‘s vampires never reach that golden ratio.

one out of five stars