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a turtle’s eye view – the red mohawk by anonymous

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via black shadow press in exchange for an honest review.

welcome to b movie hell, population … well, right now it’s fluid because a killer nicknamed the red mohawk has arrived and is murdering his way through town. they don’t know what he’s looking for but agents jack munson and milena fonseca are going to find out, unless the killer finds them first. there’s a good chance he might because the town of b movie hell doesn’t want outside help even though the bodies are piling up.

this book was so much fun to read. it was fast-paced and didn’t take itself at all seriously. i like to imagine that the anonymous author sat down to write the red mohawk and asked him/herself, “how close can i come to the edge without falling off?” and then walked along the edge beautifully.

the thing is, i actually found myself caring about a few of these characters. when the book was over i wondered what they would be doing and if they would be happy. it can’t be easy to write a book like this, an homage to bad horror movies and bad fbi movies, but anonymous did it with this book and did it with panache.

four out of five stars