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a turtle’s eye view – quiet neighbors by catriona mcpherson

disclaimer ā€“ i received a copy of this book via midnight ink in exchange for an honest review.

when jude flees london and a secret she ends up back in wigtown, where she spent a less than stellar vacation. she finds a job and a place to live thanks to lowell, a local bookstore owner. she also finds a mystery as she tries to organize the bookstore. now she has to deal with her past and a growing number of mysteries in her present when all she wants is a quiet place to start her life over.

i have to admit, quiet neighbors wasn’t what i was expecting. it was a little slow getting started but still drew me in and kept my interest. i wavered between liking lowell and being suspicious of him which kept my relationship with him unsteady. i liked jude and found myself wondering what had happened to make her run because she didn’t strike me as a runner. lots of interesting people flit in and out of the story but one person, eddy, comes in and stays. she got on my nerves but i’ll leave you to make your own decisions about her. overall, cartiona mcpherson presents a solid, if plodding at times, mystery.

three out of five stars