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a turtle’s eye view – the best place on earth by ayelet tsabari

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via random house publishing group in exchange for an honest review.

i’ve been trying to figure out how to write this review since i finished the book about three days ago. it’s not that i have anything negative to say about it, either. it’s just that every story in the best place on earth is like looking through an uncovered window and watching people while they live their lives. each story allows readers to see characters at their best and their worst, going through their lives with no notion that they’re being spied on. the reader secretly hangs on their every word, holds their breath with every movement, quietly cheers them on or shakes their head in disappointment.

ayelet tsabari‘s writing is strong and beautiful. she doesn’t shy away from revealing her characters at their worst, and she doesn’t allow their defects to become all of who they are. this is tsabari’s first collection of short stories and i sincerely hope that it won’t be her last.

four out of five stars