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a turtle’s eye view – the pit (watchmaker’s hell #1) by l.a. barnes

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via bookbaby and the independent book publishers association in exchange for an honest review.

you all know what happens (maybe?) when you die right? you go to heaven or you go to hell (maybe?). but what happens once you’re there? the pit follows a group of the recently deceased as their lives end and they descend into hell to find what awaits them. and it follows them. and follows them. and, oh dear turtle, it follows them forever.

readers get the background of the major characters who are already in hell mixed in with those who just arrived so that what’s at stake isn’t as obscure as it might be. that context just goes on and on and on and on. i was glancing at the kindle timer to see how much time remained in the book at least four or five times per page (maybe more). this story had an interesting concept, sort of like a dante’s inferno for the 21st century, but it was just so overwhelmingly long. i know that flies in the face of the comparison to dante but reading inferno didn’t feel long, reading the pit felt like it took years and, unlike with dante, i just didn’t care about anyone in the book enough to spend that much time with them.

two out of five stars