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a turtle’s eye view – the pier falls: and other stories by mark haddon

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via doubleday books in exchange for an honest review.

i’ve said it before, and i’ll continue to babble about it, but i adore short story collections. it seems like they’re making a comeback and that is exciting, especially when a collection like the pier falls: and other stories is included in that resurgence. at first glance, the stories in this collection could appear to be mundane even boring snippets of people’s lives but mark haddon transforms each into a shining example of people at their best and their worst.

the best piece by far is the woodpecker and the wolf, a tale of death and survival in space that could have turned into pastiche and instead soars and dives in unexpected and dizzying ways. haddon’s collection touches on themes of fear, regret, loneliness, love, and heartbreak and will subtly creep into your heart and your mind.

four out of five stars