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a turtle’s eye view – disappearance at devil’s rock by paul tremblay

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book from william morrow through the goodreads first reads program in exchange for an honest review.

disappearance at devil’s rock is hard to quantify. it’s a mystery, a thriller, and a supernatural horror story all at the same time. a lot of authors would have a hard time blending all those seemingly disparate styles into a coherent whole but paul tremblay not only does it, he does it with care for the story he’s telling and a singular style.

tremblay has written genuine characters who reach out from the pages to draw you in, making you a part of their individual stories as well as part of the story as a whole. there are multiple points of view, which can become overbearing and tedious as you try to keep track of who is who, but each flows seamlessly into the other presenting a cohesive whole that builds the suspense and heightens the mystery.

there are two levels of horror at work in disappearance at devil’s rock. there’s the horror of the missing person’s case and the reality that life has to continue even while it feels like the world is ending. the horror of knowing that the search for a loved one who has disappeared can in any sense become mundane, can become commonplace, can become old news. then there’s the horror of what’s going on in the background. what really happened to cause the disappearance and what’s really REAL. wondering what you can believe in, what you can trust. it’s hard to judge which is more terrifying, the idea that the worst moments in our lives can become banal or the realization that there just might be more out there than we ever thought possible.

five out of five stars