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a turtle’s eye view – last call at the nightshade lounge by paul krueger

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via quirk books in exchange for an honest review.

first, two quick confessions. i still have no idea what constitutes “urban fantasy”; i basically lump all fantasy together i guess. also, i am clueless as to what “new adult” means and am way too lazy to look it up (also, it’s not real high on my list of things to learn so…). aside from those two things making me look kind of stupid, i liked last call at the nightshade lounge. taking it for what it is, a romp through magic and love and booze and, well, fantasy, i had a good time reading it. sure there are a few plot holes but they don’t really distract enough to toss you out of the story. paul krueger‘s writing is clean and his characters are interesting and the idea of mixing a cocktail in just the right way so it becomes magic and can help hunt monsters is really cool.

if you’re looking for hard sciencey magic, go find something else. if you’re looking for a fun palate cleanser, you’ve come to the right place.

three out of five stars

p.s. i know that spellcheck says “sciencey” is not a word. spellcheck is wrong, trust me.