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a turtle’s eye view – the city of mirrors by justin cronin

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via random house publishing group  – ballantine books in exchange for an honest review.

i fell in love with justin cronin‘s novel the passage and i revisit it at least once a year. i listened to the twelve, the second novel in the trilogy, once and never listened to it again. i would put the city of mirrors, the trilogy’s final installment, somewhere between those two.

cronin’s writing is still superb and his characters are still living in an interesting world, i just didn’t feel the connection with them this time around. that sense of “these people matter” never materialized in my head and i couldn’t make it come back no matter how hard i tried. i found myself reading page after page and suddenly realizing that i had no idea what i had been reading and needed to go back. it was like hearing about something that happened to someone i maybe went to elementary school with but maybe i just played with them after school? it was dim and vague and by the time the story was over i just thought “meh” and went on my way.

three out of five stars