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a turtle’s eye view – into the light by aleatha romig

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via thomas & mercer (link not available) in exchange for an honest review.

i really tried to enjoy aleatha romig‘s into the light but i finally gave up. there are two different stories, a woman (sara) recovering from a severe car crash who is experiencing amnesia and finds out she’s in some kind of cult and a cop (stella) investigating her best friend’s disappearance. i think they might end up connected but i just couldn’t summon enough of a connection to either character to care about their individual stories, let alone hang around to see how it all played out. when sara’s husband had her strip so that he could use his belt to whip her for a transgression of the cult’s rules (while she was still hospitalized) i finally decided that i had had enough.

romig’s writing was fine, i just couldn’t empathize with her characters and i felt actual hate for sara’s husband once the whole belt episode started. the two stories are probably connected because that’s how these things happen in books, i just didn’t feel a large enough investment to hang around and see how it all played out.

two out of five stars