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a turtle’s eye view – titanborn by rhett c. bruno

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via hydra publishing in exchange for an honest review.

i enjoyed titanborn and found it different from the books i typically read. i felt like it contained a little more science than i usually go for in my science fiction but it had some really amazing characterization and fascinating ideas about a future where we move out into the universe.

this was a good between books read, especially when i was found myself disappointed in books i had been looking forward to. it was really nice to come back to rhett c. bruno‘s world and investigate a bombing, discover what it’s like on a new world (a moon really, but same difference), and deal with a really annoy but completely charming new partner.

three out of five stars

p.s. when you’re close to the end, remember whether you’re using an ereader or holding an actual book. (i may have almost thrown my kindle. almost.)