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a turtle’s eye view – dark matter by blake crouch

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via crown publishing in exchange for an honest review.

we all have those times when we wonder what our life would have been like if we had done something different – said yes instead of no, turned right instead of left, left work on time instead of working late. everybody is familiar with that feeling, right?

now. what about schrodinger’s cat? everybody loves that thought experiment – there’s a cat in a box with poison and until you open the box to see him, he’s alive and dead at the same time. it’s the act of observing the cat that settles him into a permanent state. (yeah, that’s a HUGELY simplistic explanation but i’m not a physicist.)

now you’re ready to read dark matter by blake crouch.

this is a RIDICULOUSLY fantastic and fascinating novel that kept me up all night so i could finish it. jason dessen is an engaging character and it’s easy to empathize with him as he finds himself in an unimaginable situation and tries to figure out how to get out of it. this is very sciencey science fiction story and crouch writes the hell out of it – quantum states, the multiverse, superposition theory and its relationship to observation – it’s all presented in a storyline that feels urgent and makes racing to the end imperative.

five out of five stars


4 thoughts on “a turtle’s eye view – dark matter by blake crouch

    1. i know right!!!
      i was hesitant about reading it because i really didn’t like the wayward pines books but dark matter just blew me away. i really wish i could forget it and read it again.

      1. I haven’t read wayward pines so I was glad to have a blank slate. We just need to invent that box and find the universe where we haven’t read it 🙂

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