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a turtle’s eye view – the hatching by ezekiel boone

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via atria books in exchange for an honest review.

i loathe spiders. i am not just terrified of them, i loathe the little eight leggedy balls of evil. i was once trapped in a closet for three hours by a spider. i turned around and there IT was, staring at me. STALKING ME. i am convinced that spiders have a spidery network for communication and they will eventually take over the world. no, not a fan of spiders.

at the end of may, i received an invitation to review the hatching by ezekiel boone. guess what it’s about. that’s right, SPIDERS. not just any spiders, though. these are 10,000 year old spiders who will stop at nothing to end us. they are awake. and they are hungry.

have i mentioned that i loathe spiders?

i couldn’t resist this book. over eight weeks, i kept looking at it, reading the description on goodreads, visiting the website. i even exchanged a few tweets with the author, who was funny and encouraging by the way. i finally gave in and started the book. and i couldn’t put it down. i stayed up all night in order to finish the hatching, and not just because i was completely terrified. from the beginning, the characters pulled me into their worlds. everything was fast-paced but the switches between points of view didn’t feel rushed or heavy-handed. it takes skill to find the humanity in a story that is, at its core, overwhelmingly terrifying. it takes skill to use words alone to make you feel like you can’t breathe, to make you feel the strands on your skin, to make you whip your head around because WHAT IS THAT ON THE WALL? ezekiel boone has that skill, in spades.

did i tell you that i am terrified of spiders?

the best part of the book came around 2:45 a.m. i was speeding through, feeling like everything was going to explode and we were all doomed, when all of a sudden i turned a page and it said epilogue at the top of the next. i was never so happy to see that word in my entire life. the reviewer in me thought, “huh. that’s a little abrupt, though. isn’t it?” the spiderphobe promptly told the reviewer to die a fiery death and happily read on. how was it going to be resolved? don’t care, it’s almost over. who was going to live? don’t care, it’s almost over (okay, i care but it’s almost over). how can they be defeated? don’t care, it’s almost over.

guess what? it’s not almost over.
ezekiel boone is a cruel and deceitful author.
this wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning.

five out of five stars