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a turtle’s eye view – supernova by c.a. higgins

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via random house books – ballantine del rey in exchange for an honest review.

supernova is the follow-up to author c.a. higginslightless. unfortunately, second doesn’t always mean better. the writing felt flat and two-dimensional and the attempt at building the relationship between althea and ananke felt overly dramatic. there were characters from the first novel that i still couldn’t find any empathy for and new (or greatly expanded) characters that i just plain didn’t like. i guess, in a way, that’s better because in the first book i didn’t even care enough about the story to dislike anyone (if that makes sense). readers definitely need to have a familiarity with lightless in order to understand supernova, this is not the kind of series one can just jump into anywhere.

two out of five stars