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a turtle’s eye view – little killers a-z: an alphabet of horror by howard odentz

disclaimer – i received a copy of this book via belle books/bell bridge books in exchange for an honest review.

i’ve said before that i’m a huge fan of short stories, especially scary short stories. i was excited about little killers a-z by howard odentz even though i’d never heard of the author before. it was a quick read but i did find that it felt a little repetitive at times. i don’t mean that the stories actually repeated, more that the tone and motif felt stale. sometimes it seems that there’s nothing new in horror, that everything’s already been written, and i felt that occasionally in little killers.

on the bright side, the stories that i did like i liked a lot and that was a saving grace for me. i hate reading stories that i don’t click with and i would have hated to add a collection of horror stories to the dreaded abandoned shelf. overall, i liked odentz’s writing and i’m thinking about adding another of his books to my reading list.

three out of five stars